Sunday, 5 February 2012



Every partner starts to integrate the project issue into the daily work

·        Every partner involves learners into the project work

·        Jerzy Soldatow asks in his organization OHP if and how it is possible to
build up the project homepage. He will get an answer until end of november
How to ensure the pages exists after project ends.

·        The partners go on working to the project Logo. The partnership accords the existing logo which is developed by Ange-Francois Filippi is basicly very well.                               
Mr. Filippi sends the draft to all partners until end of November and the partners will discuss and develop it with learners and collegues in their country. Final decision during the meeting in spain in march 2011.

·        Starting interviews with target groups as a first step to develpe a questionnaire:
I.                     Questions to students:
-          How to learn
-          When to learn
-          Why to learn
II.                Question to teacher:
-          What kind of competences do you need to teach disadvantaged students.
·        The partner agree to ask 10 students and 5 teachers and to send the interview results until 11th February to the german coordinating partner. The results will be used as a basic to develop the final questionnaire during next meeting.

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