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POLAND, BIALYSTOK, 29th  June – 3rd July 2011

The meeting started with a visit of  Podlaska Voivodship Headquarter of VLC and adress of welcome by local representatives. Jerzy Soldatow appreciated the group in Bialystok and showed rooms of OHP.
After that the partner started working session with opening remarks by Daniela Kroll and an introduction of each participant:
Laurent Bleines             Greta Corse Du Sud
Ange Francois Filippi                Greta Corse Du Sud

Daniela Kroll                            Bildungsstaette Einschlingen, SPM e.V.
Henny Wendt                           Bildungstaette Einschlingen, SPM e.V.
                                                AIDS Hilfe Bielefeld e.V.
Aggeliki Karanasiou                  Career office
Maria Katsikari                        Career office

Jerzy Soldatow             OHP

Manuel Marti                            C.P.M. FPA    Bexti
Gustavo Almela                        C.P.M. FPA    Bexti

Leonarda Almella                     Associazone Libelulla
Francesco Mangiaracina           Associazione Libelulla

1.      Germany meeting
Afterwards the group discussed to bring students to the meeting in Germany. Before end of July Daniela Kroll will send all necessary informations about accommodation, travel and program to all partners.  She needs to know how many participants will come to the meeting from every organization until end of august.
2.      New Project
Laurent Bleines inspired the group to think about a new project in frame of Leonardo projects. He had a discussion with representatives of French NA who motivated him to continue the successfull work of our partnership. All partners agree with the idea. Laurent Bleines will inform the group about the results of a consultation with representatives of his NA next week.

Open questions will be discussed during the meeting in Germany:
-         Who writes the application
-         Who will be coordinator
-         What kind of target group
-         What are the objectives

3.      Presentation
In the following each partner presented examples from their countries, how to teach disadvantaged pupils.
·        Qualification pet hotel
·        Theatre: “Götterspeise”
·        Garden Project
·        Body Work
·        Cooperative learning
·        Webquest
·        Journalistic text
·        Service learning
·        Minute paper
·        The circle of Life
·        My life now-As I like to be
·        I want I don’t want
·        Bill’s symbol
·        Towns and Areas
·        The technical object

·        Tailor workshops
·        Creator of the market job
·        Tour en gastronomica
·        Cinema

4.      Inventory
After the presentations the group discussed how to present the examples in a common way. Agnes-Francoise Fillippi suggested to show the examples on the project webpage in a common format. At first a short describtion in Power Point and second the explanation in Word. The group discussed the structure:
1.      Logo and Flag
2.      Title
3.      Target group
4.      Subjects
5.      Objectives
Manuel Marti Puig noticed, it would be better to present the examples only with EU Flag and Project Logo and to resign all different countries flags and logos. In this way we present the results consistently.
Daniela Kroll remarked the difference between the presented examples. There are techniques, concepts, methods and course concepts. All participants prefer the presentation from the french partners, which describes a lesson and explains exactly how to teach. It was decided to use the French format as the common way, all partners choice examples in teaching disadvantaged groups and explain step by step the lesson. Agnes Francoise Fillipi puts his presentation on the webpage as a model.  Every partner complete his examples and send back to Agnes Francoise until end of July. He will enter the examples into the webpage until September.

5.      Dissamination

All partners started a discussion inside their organization with colleagues and students.
France had interviews with radio and television, Germany participated in a national Congress and produced postcards, Poland creates cups and pencils, Spain presented the project in the base of town hall and printed the logo on all publications. Greece produced a booklet with results up to now.

6.      Meetings 2012

The fifth meeting of the Learning Partnership “HANDS ON HELP” will take place in Italy, Palermo, from 17th – 21 th February 2012.
Last meeting of the partnership will take place in Greece, Kavala, 30th June - 4th July 2012

7.      Webpage
Aggeliki Karanasiou showed the page. Until now it contains flags, logos and links of participating organizations (excluding Italy), documents of meetings, documents about ongoing work, results and analysis. Short description of the project and presentation of participating countries (until now: Germany and Greece)
She expects logo and link from Italy until 25 of July and puts into page, as well.
Aggeliki Karanasiou asks the other partner to send her pictures from last meetings to put them into page.

8.      Workshop
During the meeting in Germany an exemplary workshop will be organized, to evaluate it with students and review in practice.

9.      Future activities
Manuel Marti Puig inspired the group to think about project results for students, as well. At the moment we only develop tools for teachers and he wants to create some helpful tools for students. For example:
·        CV in a practical way
·        Job interview
The partner agreed to focus on practical example for pupils in the second phase of the project.

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