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At first the hosting organization, represented by Daniela Kroll welcomes all participants, especially the learners from Poland and Greece.
Because of a short term illness unfortunaly the partner from Italy could not travel and join the meeting.
Daniela Kroll gave a review over the project process and a perspective to the ongoing work. She noticed the successful cooperation between involved partners until now. Because the current time of the project is only eight month the partners have to start evaluation, continue dissemination and start finalizing the inventory.
It started an exchange about the collected examples and how to present them. The partner agreed to change the weblog.
1.      To draw off the photos
2.      To design the  front-page clear and serious with less input:
·        Short description of the project
·        Short description of each partners organization. Because some partners don’t have WebPages it was decides to describe every involved organization in 4-5 sentences

3.      All other content will be placed at the right frame as buttons:
·        Meetings
·        Questions and answers
·        Results from Questionnaire
·        Photos from meetings ( gadget)

Manuel Marti initiated to differentiate between the collected examples into :
·        Tools for students
·        Tools teachers

Aggeliki Karanasiou will do the changes, supported by Agnes Francois Filippi. The group disused following what kind of examples could be useful for students. The partner agreed to focus on practical exercises and useful further information’s around adult education.

·        Online lessons
·        Exam models
·        Job vacancies
·        How to study
·        How to write a formal letter
·        Each country should give a collection about most important universities and professional schools.
·        The partners put links “how to learn English in an easy way”.

The group agreed to send all this to Aggeliki Karanasiou until latest end of January 2012. The changes wil  be done until next meeting.

Following it was discussed how to organize the fifth project meeting, which was planned to take place in Palermo from 17th – 21th February 2012. Because Francesco Mangiaracina is diseased the Italian partners could not join the meeting in Germany. The group decided to send an e-mail and ask the colleagues from assiciazione Libellula whether they will be able to organize the meeting in Palermo in February next year.

Afterwards the partner presented local dissemination work. Aggeliki Karanasiou printed a brochure with informations around job interviews.  Jerzy Soldatow is translating the collected examples from the Greece partner and produces a CD with good examples. Laurent Bleines will print a small book. The German partner will print a small book as well and  participate the national education congress in February. Manuel Marti will participate a national education congress in Castellon and send a link to cooperating education organizations.

Manuel Marti wishes to have a common slogan for the project. It started an exchange about opportunities. and at least the partner agreed to use:

                        EDUCATION IN AN EUROPEAN SPIRIT
                        -BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT-

Laurent Bleines gave a report about a meeting in Paris with his NA. They said if the group wants to apply for a new project we need new partners. We wait for further informations and decide later about new project.

Afterwards it was discussed how to realize evaluation of results. Manuel Marti showed a questionnaire which he use in his organization.
He suggested to  use one question:

Aggeliki Karanasiou argued this will be difficult to analyze, but finally the partner agreed to do evaluation in this way.
The evaluation will be done by students ( min.10) in a group work and also  by teachers   (min. 5) . The evaluation activities will start after the next meeting so the final changes can be done during the sixth meeting in Greece.

Moreover during the fourth Project Meeting it was tested an exemplary workshop:
BREATH-VOICE-VOCALS – Learning language in aneasy way.
Reflecting the own experience teachers and learners asserts that the workshop concept is very usefull to teach disadvantaged students and can be transferd in other countries.

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